The Masked Rider, a famous cowboy legend, has searched the corners of the untamed West bringing you the best value, best tasting wine
to your tabletop to enjoy with food, family and friends.

Varietal Vintage Winemaker Notes Pairings Varietal %
2011 Masked Rider Cabernet Sauvignon is deep red in color
with a bouquet of jammy fruit 
Pair this wine with red meat, lamb, strong cheeses and dark chocolate.
Cabernet Sauvignon 75.1%,
Ruby Cabernet 6.1%, Malbec 6.1%, Segalin 6.1%, Petite Sirah 2.9%, Mixed Reds 3.7%
Gunsmoke Red 2011 This young 2011 blend shows aromas and flavors of fresh fruit, plums, black currant, herbs, and espresso notes complemented with touches of earth. Firm tannins round out the mouth for a full finish. Enjoy with filet mignon, barbecued
tri-tip, creamy pasta dishes and a slice or two of smoked gouda.
Petite Sirah 33.3%,
Shiraz 17.6%, Segalin 16.4%, Refosco 9.4%, Petit Verdot 9.4%, Mixed Reds 13.8%
Petite Sirah 2011 This 2011 Petite Sirah has lots of dark plum, blackberry and fruit aromas with the taste of berries and black pepper on the mouth. A smooth mouthfeel and rounded tannins make this an enjoyable red wine. Pair with beef, roasted chicken
and pork tenderloin
Petite Sirah 75.4%, Malbec 10.4%, Shiraz 5.2%, Segalin 5.2%, Mixed Reds 3.8%
Pinot Noir 2011 A beautiful light red wine filled with a bouquet of fruit and a touch of vanilla. A smooth and exciting flavor will have you going back for another glass. The taste and aroma of cherries and blackberries make this wine enjoyable and refreshing. Pair this wine with pot roast (click for recipe!), seafood, pork or mushrooms.
Pinot Noir 78%,
Merlot 16%,
Malbec 5%,
Mixed Reds 1%
Zinfandel 2012 This young 2012 Zinfandel is filled with a bouquet of blackberries and pepper. A firm, medium-bodied red wine with a jammy mouthfeel; the young tannins at the finish add to this delicious and bold wine. Pair this Zinfandel with osso bucco (click for recipe!), lamb, grilled steak, gorgonzola and your favorite dark chocolate dessert.
Zinfandel 76%,
Arinarnoa 10.8%,
Sirah 7%,
Shiraz 6.2%